Car Show Mirrors

Car Show Mirrors


Hot Rod with specially cut mirrors to requirements. Also note the Show Board we designed and made which went over a TV viewed through the middle of the board

Are you tired of taking home cracked or shattered mirrors after a car show? Use our acrylic mirrors and this will be a thing of the past!

acrylic mirror for car show

Acrylic mirrors have the same reflective qualities as glass


Acrylic mirrors have the same reflective properties as glass mirrors with the benefits of being lighter, shatterproof, stronger and much safer. Our acrylic mirrors are 3mm thick and can be cut to any shape & size you require, we can also engrave a design onto a mirror.

Because these mirrors are setup & packed away regularly & in keeping with our policy of only supplying the highest quality products, we have sourced the best acrylic mirrors available.


We also have a range of coloured mirrors to give your display that ‘standout’ look.  These are cut to order but do have a minimum quantity.  Give us your requirements and we will see what we can do.

Blue Acrylic Mirror

Blue Coloured Mirror

Gold Acrylic Mirror

Gold Coloured Miror

Red Acrylic Mirror

Red Coloured Mirror



Acrylic Mirror Pro’s & Con’s

Acrylic Mirror Pro’s
Less than half the weight of equivalent glass
Up to 20 times stronger then glass
Impact strength
Much safer
Easily cut to size
Can be formed to shapes easily
Colour availability
Same reflective properties

Acrylic Mirror Con’s
Scratched easier (by using a plastic scratch remover these can normally be removed)
More expensive then glass (depending on where you buy glass from)
Expands & contracts more then glass due to temperature & humidity changes (not a problem for our standard uses)
Not as chemically resistant (use VuPlex® for cleaning/polishing, not glass cleaner)
Is a combustible thermoplastic (again not really a problem)

Care Of Acrylic Mirrors

Washing: Use a mild dish soap, water and soft cloth to wipe the surface, apply only light pressure. To remove grease, oil or tar deposit on the material, use hexane, kerosene or aliphatic naphtha to remove them. Use a clean, non-printed cloth.
Polishing: A surface gloss can be maintained by occasionally using a flannel cloth and a good plastic cleaner or polish such as VuPlex®.  Follow the instructions for polishing on the container.
Removing Scratches: Scratches can be removed by hand polishing with a plastic scratch remover or compound cleaner such as Xerapol®. Remove all residues and polish with a flannel cloth. Deep scratches need to be lightly sanded.

Cleaners & Adhesives

Acrylic Mirror Cleaner VuPlexVuPlex® works using five functions in one quick action. It cleans using safe ingredients that won’t damage plastic surfaces. It applies a fine coating of wax that helps give the surface protection from micro scratching. The wax acts as a barrier against water (hydrophobic) and other atmospheric conditions that cause aging and a break down of clarity. Static that is built up in the plastic surface and attracts other abrasive material such as dust, is controlled by VuPlex’s anti-static properties. VuPlex polishes to a high shine and restores the lustre and new look to the surface. The finish is not sticky or greasy and can be achieved in mere seconds.  NB: Do not use this on the front of any show boards where there is printing, use a moist clean chamois!

Xerapol acrylic scratch removerXerapol® Acrylic Scratch Remover includes 1 x 50g tube of scratch remover polish for acrylic, 1 x soft polishing cloth, and 2 x strips of sandpaper.  Xerapol is designed for use with acrylic to remove light to deep scratches, as well as polish and restore surfaces with professional results.

Xerapol works perfect on acrylic but also works on many other areas of your car, motorcycle, caravan or motorhome eg: car dash (smooth areas), plastic headlight/taillights, motorcycle windshields, caravan/motorhome plastic windows etc…

Mirror Adhesive

Bostik® Evo-Stik® Mirror Adhesive 290ml is a specially formulated MS Polymer permanently elastic adhesive designed for bonding all sizes of mirror safely to various substrates.