Aluminium Show Board

Show Boards


aluminium composite car show display board

Aluminium Composite (ACP) Show Board
Our standard show boards are made out of 3mm ACP, they are strong, lightweight, water, dust, scratch and UV resistant.  These can be used by themselves or with our optional acrylic legs (see below).  The ACP show board can also be hung on a wall at home, shed, man cave, work etc… when not in use, don’t just store it until the next show, hang it up!

Aluminium Show Boards are-

    • Made from aluminium composite (ACP)
    • Made in either portrait or landscape style
    • 3mm thick
    • Gloss finish
    • Strong
    • Light
    • Laminated
    • Water resistant
    • UV resistant
    • Heat resistant
    • Unlimited photos
    • Unlimited text
    • Range of sizes
    • Can be hung on a wall

Acrylic Legs

Our optional acrylic legs are held on to the board using magnetic strips, this allows the board to stand upright or lay closer to the ground depending on which way the legs are attached at the show, both ways allow easy reading of the details on the show board.  Being clear, the legs aren’t obtrusive and give the look that the board is standing by itself.

car show board display board Monaro

800×600 Show Board with magnetic acrylic legs shown in upright & laying down positions. Also note the hanging point on the rear for hanging on a wall.

aluminium composite car show board

800h x 600w flat aluminium composite show board lent against car

aluminium car show board

600h x 450w aluminium composite show board laying flat on ground