Aluminium Show Board

Aluminium Show Boards


aluminium composite car show display board

800w x 600h flat aluminium composite (ACP) show board which customer has raised at the top for viewing

Aluminium Composite Show Board in our gloss black acrylic stand with graphics continued onto the stand with the cars name.








mustang eleanor show board display board Queensland Hot Rod Show

800w x 600h Aluminium Composite Show Board in gloss black acrylic stand (placed on top of black light box)

Aluminium Composite (ACP) Show Board
Our flat show boards are made out of 3mm ACP, they are strong, lightweight, water, dust, scratch and UV resistant.  These can be used in our gloss black acrylic stand, laid on the ground or lent against your car (please don’t do that to your car!).  When used in our specially made acrylic stand the whole setup is very stable, takes up little room on your display, takes seconds to setup and looks great, the board leans back at an angle making viewing easier.  The ACP show board can be hung on a wall at home, shed, man cave, work etc… when not in use, don’t just store it away.

Aluminium Show Board
Our show boards made from actual 3mm aluminium are bent at an angle for putting into our heavy powder coated stand, this makes it easier to view as well as allowing you to put a design on the front of the stand eg: car name, make model etc…  These boards cannot be hung on a wall due to the bend in the board.  Between the stand and board these are a lot heavier then the ACP show board and stand.

aluminium car show display board

Portrait style aluminium show board 900×600 in our heavy steel stand with cars name on it

RX3 Angry3 aluminium show board display board summernats

800w x 600h Aluminium Show Board in our heavy steel stand with car name on the front

Aluminium truck show board display board

KW truck with a 600w x 800h aluminium composite Show Board lent against it’s bar



Aluminium Show Boards are-

  • Made from aluminium composite (ACP) or standard aluminium
  • Made in either portrait or landscape style
  • 3mm thick
  • Gloss finish
  • Strong
  • Light (ACP is much lighter then aluminium)
  • Laminated
  • Water resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Unlimited photos
  • Unlimited text
  • Range of sizes
  • Aluminium composite can be hung on a wall

Steel powdercoated stand for aluminium show boards

Heavy acrylic stand for aluminium composite (ACP) show boards


Acrylic Stand For Flat ACP Boards
This stand is the easiest and best looking you will come across.  Made from 20mm thick gloss black acrylic it’s easy to setup, looks great and has a small footprint on your display.  All you do is place the stand where you want it then slip the board into the groove – that’s it, done!  The board will naturally lean backwards for ease of viewing.  No tools, no bolts, just simple and extremely effective.  If requested we can continue the design of the show board along the front top of the stand which is 50mm wide.

Heavy Powder Coated Steel Stand
This stand is for the aluminium show board and is made from 2mm powdercoated steel, with it’s weight & shape it is very stable.  You can also continue the show board design down onto the stand eg: Car name, model, etc…  There is bolts that go through the stand and board to hold it in place.  The bolts have wing nuts meaning no tools are needed for the stands.

aluminium show board in steel stand for car show display

900w x 600h aluminium bent show board in powdercoated stand

aluminium composite car show board

800h x 600w flat aluminium composite show board lent against car

aluminium car show board

600h x 450w aluminium composite show board laying flat on ground